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To BSI Members and Supporters:

Attached to this email are three documents: a NOTICE OF MOTION , a NEW BSI Constitution, and a NEW BSI ByLaws. At the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, at Kingston Yacht Club in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, BSI members will have an opportunity to discuss all three documents.

Adoption of the New Constitution and New Bylaws will require a vote under the current BSI Constitution. That vote will be cast by voting members of BSI. Under the current BSI constitution, such voting members include Country Members, and Organization/State Members only. By way of background, the current BSI constitution defines such members as follows.

— Country Member – each represented by two (2) Delegates having one (1) vote each. Country Membership will be open to countries able to demonstrate their effective control and promotion of sailing with the blind in that country.

— Organization/State Member – each represented by one (1) Delegate having one (1) vote. Organization/State Membership will represent developing sailing with blind organizations/state where no country affiliation is present. Note: Where more than two (2) Organizations/State Members exist within one country they will be required to take Country Membership as noted above.

A reasonable interpretation of the current BSI constitution is that these voting members represented by duly authorized delegates, may vote in person, by phone, or by submitted proxy. The vote will be to adopt the New Constitution and the New ByLaws, as well as other business at the AGM.

A reasonable interpretation of the existing BSI constitution is that voting members must be current with paying their BSI membership dues to be considered “financial” members of BSI, and thus eligible to cast votes at the upcoming AGM. For these purposes, this means all voting members of BSI must pay their 2019 BSI dues prior to the vote. The deadline for receipt of dues will be Monday, August 26 at 1200 hours EDT (1600 UTC) so the Treasurer may confirm the “financial” membership status of each voting member and their delegate’s right to cast a vote.

Please note that all voting members of BSI by virtue of their receipt of this notice with attachments without objection consent to the holding of the general meeting mentioned above.

In addition to the three attached documents in Word-97 format — the NOTICE OF MOTION, the NEW BSI Constitution, and the NEW BSI ByLaws — these three documents are also available on the Blind Sailing International website, in Word-97, plain-text, webpage, and PDF formats. The specific file type is included in the filename. Link:


Vicki Sheen
Chairman, Blind Sailing International





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