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September 2017 Blind Sailing Calendar Event and newsletter

Blind Sailing Community.


September 2017 Blind Sailing Calendar Event and newsletter
Quick 2017 Schedule reference:

September       2017 Blind Fleet Racing World Championships, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, September 11-17, 2017.

October           2017 Blind Match Racing Clinic, San Francisco, California USA, October 20-22, 2017

November       No events yet.

December        No events yet.

Note: All dates and venues are subject to change. ALWAYS contact event organizers to confirm details prior to making travel and lodging commitments. For your convenience, the events are listed in chronological order, other than the “possible” events listed at the end.


If you have updates or additional events to report, please send me an email message with a simple event description in the format below and I will include it in the next monthly newsletter. Even if your event is only a “save the date” type notice, I can include in the “possible” section at the end. Also, this is not supposed to be a USA centric list. Please forward information about events anywhere around the world and I will post it.


The good folks at US sailing have put many of these events on their adaptive sailing calendar as well so please go to for not only calendar events, but also a host of great resources. Of course, Blind Sailing International is also a go to resource for all things blind sailing. Go to for more from BSI.


Lastly, the blind sailing community has been blessed to attract the attention of the Woman’s International Match Racing Association which has dedicated part of its website to providing resources for visually impaired sailors. Go to for more from WIMRA.


Calm seas and fair winds to you all.



Walt Raineri

The Blind Guy


Schedule of Known Events:


What 2017 World Sailing Blind Fleet Racing World Championships

When: Opening Ceremony September 11, competition beginning September 12 and closing ceremony on Sunday, September 17. 2017

Where: Sheboygan, WI, USA

OA: Sail Sheboygan.

Notes: A wonderful effort by many different parties has brought back to life this event to be sailed on Sonars in the waters off Sheboygan, WI, USA. Team cost will be $1250, per team entry, plus a $1000 damage deposit per team, plus $50 for membership with blind Sailing International (if your team is not already a member). There will be international vision classifiers at this event for the new 2017 – 2020 period so be sure to update your vision qualification forms and plan to bring your completed and signed forms with you to this event so you will be all set for the entire 2017 – 2020 period. The good news is that full spectrum separate B1, B2 and B3 fleets will be held during the regatta with an efficiently planned approach to boat utilization to maximize on water time for all.   This event is fast approaching so do not delay in registering your team for what is sure to be the highlight of the 2017 blind sailing season.

NOR; and navigate to button link to text document labelled NOR BFRW

\Racing Area: and navigate to button link to PDF document labelled Appendix A

Entry Form: and navigate to button link to text document labelled Entry form.

Registration: and navigate to button link to registration and payment processing.


Event Manager BJ Blahnik;



What: 2017 BAADS Blind match Racing Clinic

When: October 20, 21 and 22, 2017

Where: San Francisco Bay, South Beach harbour. OA:   Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS)

Notes: This clinic will be split into an advance level and a Training level so that everyone attending will be able to get as much out of it as possible. The Clinic will be open to all but space is limited. The Clinic will be a 3 day clinic with a mini match racing regatta on the final day. Due to some amazing fundraising efforts, the cost will be a mere $75 per participant.   The really good news is that BAADS has teamed up with the SF Lighthouse for the Blind and housing will be available for all participants, coaches, volunteers, and travelling companions right in downtown San Francisco for only $75 per person per night, with 3 or 4 night stays possible. Public transportation directly to the clinic marina is just a few steps from the door of the residential facility. This Clinic will fill up on a first to pay registration fee basis.

Registration:   Welcome packages will be sent out to all those expressing an interest in late Summer. A simple email to Walt Raineri at will generate an invitation and welcome package.

Payment of Registration Fees: You will be instructed on how to pay your registration fees for this clinic in your welcome package when you express an interest in the clinic. If you choose the housing option, you can conveniently pay for both your registration and housing at the same time.



Schedule of Other Possible Blind Sailing Events in 2017



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