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2014 US Blind Sailing Nationals — Newport, RI USA Summary & Results

The 2014 US Blind Sailing Nationals were held at Sail Newport on Sept. 6-7. As is often the pattern at these Nationals, one day had heavy air and the following day was light and shifty. There were six boats in the fleet with teams from California, Massachusetts and Texas competing. Sail Newport’s expert race management and the high level of racing experience among the teams resulted in tight and competitive racing with 12 races completed over just two days. A splendid Nationals for everyone!

Here are the final results and crew names in this order: skipper (vi), mainsheet trimmer (vi), tactician, sighted crew.

1: Team Massachusetts Duane: Duane Farrar, Amy Bower, Solomon Marini, Denis Bell

2: Team Massachusetts Pauline: Pauline Dowell, Bruce Howell, Kay Van Valkenburgh, Grace Olsen

3: Team Texas Karen: Karen Penrose, Howard Hughes, Scott Tuma, David Atkinson

4: Team Massachuetts Matt: Matthew Chao, Tina Kurys, Bill Rapp, Dan Kurys

5: Team Massachusetts Jason: Jason Wallenstein, Nina Kagan, Mike Dinning, Namcy Jodoin

6: Team California Eric: Eric Elveba, Ben Smith, Steve Bayles, Danette Davis —

Matt Chao Detailed Race Results:

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