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Proposal of changes to Scheduling for world Championships

(Blind Sailing New Zealand )
PATRON, Awaiting re-confirmation of Governor-General of New Zealand
Commodore, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
Chairman, Board of Directors, Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
Mr Grant Dalton OBE Mr Ralph Roberts MBE JP Mr Peter Montgomery MBE Mr Richard Woodyear-Smith
To: Copied to:
The President Andrew Clouston
Bind Sailing International NZ World Sailing representative
Yachting New Zealand
Dear Vicki/Andrew,
The BSNZ Council has carefully considered its position on attendance at the Kingston World Blind Fleet
Racing Championship in September 2019 and, due to its current overall financial position and very short
time frame left to prepare since the event was finally confirmed, has decided to withdraw our interest in
While there are reasons that apply to us that may not apply to other nations, the Council believes that
despite the best efforts of BSI and local hosts that undoubtedly goes into making such events happen,
there are some real issues associated with the event that now need to be addressed to ensure each event
has the greatest chance of success, both in terms of attracting wider global participation and also ensuring
a successful event occurs.
In essence we have concerns about some aspects of the event set-up and timing that, if not addressed, are
at risk of reducing the event’s worldwide status and success. To this end we invite both BSI and World
Sailing to now consider some recommendations about the future of the event to form the basis for future
1. Issue – late notice of the event: While the first advice for Kingston was given in November 2018 the
final confirmation was not given until very recently and this presents too short a time frame for us
and we believe other countries too, to address the funding and team preparation challenges involved.
This may also have undermined chosen venue hosts from doing their bit to host in time e.g. Houston
in 2017. All in all the current situation only serves to create too much uncertainty at a time when
commitments should already have been made from attendees/hosts alike.
Proposed solution: As happened in previous world events notice of the next event was generally
given at the latest event – in effect all the good work done to mount a future event was done much
earlier in the cycle so greater certainty could be given to existing and intending competitors to plan,
fund raise and prepare accordingly. It would be very helpful to at least know the country if not the
city the event would next be in. As a minimum, final confirmation and Notice of Race should be
provided no less than one year out from the event, preferably two years. This timing will also better
enable us to balance competitive preparation with our ongoing membership growth and development
so both aspects are working to help each other.
2. Issue – location of the event – while it is accepted that the event hosts must meet more onerous
requirements to qualify to hold an event thus making it more challenging to find suitable hosts, the
present compressed time line is also reducing the amount of choice on this side of the equation.
While we are not wishing to be critical of past locations they have increasingly tended to be centred
on North America, thus reducing the world flavour of the event and possibly inhibiting wider
participation around the globe.
Proposed Solution: If greater time is available to at least attempt to spread the host nations around
the globe so any that can meet requirements are given that opportunity much earlier in the planning
phase. The next event should be based on an European location, and invitations to hold the next
event could be sent out now so expressions of interest can be considered at the 2019 worlds in
3. Issue – two yearly events and status as a world championship: While there is a delicate balance to
be struck in terms of how often the event is held, the current two year interval is certainly quite
challenging for us and, we believe, other countries with more limited resources. While those who
can’t muster the resources to attend this regularly would just opt to go every four years, it would
seem fairer to all concerned to find an interval that maximises attendance by many countries on a
regular basis.
We understand that the two year interval was necessary to facilitate Olympic qualification
requirements but that is no longer a consideration and we also wonder whether the world
championship status is too high a barrier for other countries to contemplate hosting/attending. Maybe
an international event every three to four years might be more successful?
Proposed Solution: Hold the event once every three or four years and reduce its status to an
international event.
While these issues are brought to your attention at a time when all focus will undoubtedly be on
preparations for Kingston in September, we do so on the basis that these issues are addressed now so
greater certainty can be provided at that event about the next event.
We welcome your consideration of the above matters and would be happy to expand on any point made
should that be required prior to consideration.
Yours sincerely
Dick Lancaster
Blind Sailing New Zealand Inc.

Hi BSI Board,

I’m wanting to make a motion at the BSI AGM to change the frequency of the Blind Sailing World Championship events. This email is intended to get feedback from everyone and is not an official notice that the motion will be made.

Based on the time it takes to get bids for an event, and have bids approved and contracts signed, and the time that is needed by countries to fundraise after having sufficient notice of the event, having a World Championships event every year doesn’t seem feasible. Furthermore, since the bidding process for the 2020 BMR has not yet been finalized and time is short to schedule that event.

I propose that there be 2 years between World Championship events, alternating between Fleet and Match. This should start with the Match Racing Worlds in 2021, then Fleet in 2023, Match 2025, Fleet 2027 etc. I recommend that there be international events in between world championships such as European Championships, North American Championships or Oceania Championships.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback.

Thank you,
Kris Scheppe

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