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Worlds 2015



 The 2015 ISAF/DSC Blind Sailing World & International Championships were held at the Chicago Yacht Club, Chicago USA from 8th till 13th September 2015.

The organizing authority was the Chicago Yacht Club, in conjunction with US Sailing and the ISAF Disabled Sailing Committee (ISAF/DSC).

Entries were received by the following 4 Nations:Canada, Great Briton, New Zealand, USA  represented by 7 States. A total of 14 teams/56 boats athletes.


10-09 The weather forecast seams good, NW wind 8-10 knots. Course was prepared but within the starting procedure a storm came up, AP over H, all boats secured in the harbor. After the storm, no reasonable wind, AP over A

11-09 cloud, slight rain, wind NE/E and initially 10/15 knots. During  racing the wind increased, also the see conditions. After 5 races in B1 and 4 in B2 and 3, AP over A.

12-09 Wind N/NE 25 knots and a rough sea, at 13.15 AP over A.

13-09 Wind from diverse directions and  9-12 knots. The races were sailed under what the Americans calling ‘Champagne sailing’. Races of high standard and tactics.



A total of 22 races were sailed in all Classes. The first three winners per class are:

Class B1:-

  1. USA       Duane Farrar, Amy Bower, Denis Bell, Solomon Marini.
  2. CAN       David Brown, Karen Kinsey, Chuck Nevel
  3. GBR       Sharon Grennan, Vicki Sheen, Ian Shirra, Martin Moody


Class B2:-

  1. NZL      Dave Allerton, Michael Cox, Dave Parker, Terry Valder
  2. GBR      Lucy Hodges, Martin Phillips, Gary Butler, Dave Ross
  3. USA      Pauline Dowell, Christian Thaxton, Grace Olsen, Kay Van Valkenburgh


Class B3:-

  1. USA     Howard Hughes, Vincent Morvillo, Pail Shields, Doug Cummimgs
  2. GBR     Laura Cammidge, Chris Albert, Jonny Stevenson, Jonny Cormack
  3. USA     KrisScheppe, BJ Blahnik, Jason Berdyck, Matthew Wierzbach



Squadron Trophy Regatta Country Overall Winners(Best teams in all 3 Classes) GBR

BSI Colin Spanhake Trophy First B1 Fleet and World Blind Sailing Champion – USA  Duane Farrar, Amy Bower, Denis Bell, Solomon Marini


Chicago 2015 Blind World Championships Messages


“It was really great seeing you and all the other blind sailors and sighted guides in Chicago! It felt really good to be back in action after a long hiatus from international blind sailing. And, of course, I’m still very happy with the final result! Thanks for pulling together such a great event under extraordinary circumstances.” – Duane USA

“Best roller coaster ride ever.” – Mouad USA

“Congratulations to everyone – the organizers, the helpers and all my fellow sailors for a great regatta.” – Terry NZ


“Old Timers Rule.   The average age of our crew in Chicago was 61 years. That is what is so great about sailing whether recreational or competitive is you can still participate and enjoy it much later in life than you can other sports. Keep on sailing.” – Howard  USA


“An amazing experience which has lifted my confidence in my abilities to conquer the challenges of life after sight loss.” – Chris UK


“I know the stories of watching you all do what you do on the water will inspire many!,Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of it!  I hope our paths meet again.”  – Chicago Yacht Club


“Sailors manage to stay friends for life, I believe so I know I will see all of you again. The yacht club flag really liked having the Blind Worlds at our yacht club, so I feel confident you will all be back again before too long.” – Chicago Yacht Club


A joy and a privilege to sail with such amazing people. – Vicki GBR

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