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BSI Newsletter – November 2018

BSI NOVEMBER 2018 BLIND SAILING UPDATES – 2019 Blind Fleet Racing Venue Announcement – 2018 Blind Match Racing Results 2019 Blind Fleet Racing World Championships, Kingston Yacht Club, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1st-8th September 2019. From: BSI Chairman Vicki Sheen We are pleased to inform BSI members and blind sailors worldwide that the 2019 Blind Fleet […]

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BSI Newsletter August 2018

Chairman’s Message Welcome, BSI supporters and sailors: Wind and tide is ever changing, as are the activities of Blind Sailing International. We are reaching out to new sailors, visually-impaired sailing programmes and other opportunities. We are progressing and improving our media and communication links through twitter, Facebook and the ongoing development of our new web […]

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NOVEMBER 2017 BSI NEWSLETTER Contents: Chairman’s Message; BSI Website Development; BSI Mission Statement; BSI Five-Year Strategic Aims & Website Goals; 2017 Blind Fleet Racing World Championship Final Press Release; Sheboygan Roundtable Summary; BJ Blahnik Commentary; GBR Blind Sailing Commentary; Duane Farrar/Wind Whisperers Commentary  CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE  Dear BSI Members and Supporters: 2017 has been an eventful […]

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Blind Sailing International (BSI) July 2017 Bulletin

Blind Sailing International (BSI) July 2017 Bulletin To all Blind Sailing competitors and supporters. The 2017 Blind Fleet Racing World Sailing Championships SheboyganUSA , Wisconsin. Cheboygan has long been a great supporter of Blind sailing. Sheboygan has an excellent worldwide reputation as a Racing venue. Alongside their other busy international events, They ran the very […]

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Blind Sailing International (BSI) June 2016 Bulletin

  Blind Sailing International (BSI) July 2016 Bulletin To all Blind Sailing competitors and supporters. Throughout 2016 there has been Blind Sailing events and training, much focusing on preparation for the September Blind Match Racing World Championships. 2016 WS Blind Match Racing World Championships in Sheboygan, USA September 20-25, 2016 The 2016 WS Blind Match […]

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Blind Sailing International (BSI) December 2014 Chairman’s Report

This has been an exciting year for Blind Sailing International and visually-impaired sailors. There have been well-supported national regattas, sailors demonstrating their skills, experimenting and developing new technologies to advance visually-impaired racing and sailing. There have been two international events for blind sailors from Australia, Canada, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, USA and the US Virgin […]

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Blind Sailing International (BSI) September 2014 Bulletin

SUMMER 2014 NEWSLETTER Greetings and welcome to all blind and visually-impaired sailors, sighted sailors, friends and supporters. It has taken us some time to pull together all our resources after losing our original BSI website. We are rebuilding it now at: This newsletter contains many items of interest (listed below) including updates on the […]

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