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Blind Sailing International (BSI) September 2014 Bulletin


Greetings and welcome to all blind and visually-impaired sailors, sighted sailors, friends and supporters. It has taken us some time to pull together all our resources after losing our original BSI website. We are rebuilding it now at:

This newsletter contains many items of interest (listed below) including updates on the IFDS 2014 Blind Match Racing World Championship on Lake Michigan at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, beginning Tuesday, September 9 through Sunday, September 14. There are also blind sailing tips, event notices and updates from around the world.

You still have time to register and join teams from Australia, Canada, United States, Great Britain and Italy for the 2014 Blind Match Racing Worlds competition. Be sure to read the first item below, which offers extra assistance to those interested in participating in the Blind Match Racing event, but aren’t sure they have the resources to do so. The Sheboygan sailing community is going all-out to encourage participation. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Find 2014 Blind Match Racing World Championship resources in PDF, Word and plain-text here:

For those participating in the 2014 Blind Match Racing Worlds, please be sure read the four amendments to the NOR, especially amendment #1, section 19 and the associated links to the ISAF site. If you have any questions, please contact me via email.

Vicki Sheen Chairman,

Blind Sailing International

IFDS Technical Representative


(1) Special Invitation from 2014 Blind Match Racing World Championship organizers in Sheboygan

(2) Getting started with match racing by Australian skipper Kylie Forth

(3) Notice of Race for US Nationals in Newport, RI, USA Saturday, September 6 to Sunday, September 7

(4) Australian blind sailing updates

(5) New Zealand blind sailing updates

(6) SailBlind (Boston, USA) blind sailing updates

(7) 2014 Blind Match Racing World Championship information (plain text version, 6 items)

(8) BSI Newsletter signup, address change and unsubscribe information^_top


Calling all blind and visually-impaired sailors!

The 2014 IFDS Blind Match Racing World Championship will soon be here: Tuesday, September 9 through Sunday, September 14 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.

The Sheboygan Yacht Club has arranged a fantastic program both on and off the water. With such great sponsorship and support we hope to welcome and encourage as many blind and visually-impaired sailors as possible to participate in this event.

Experienced sailors will have the chance to race and compete against sailors from all over the world. In addition, sailors new to match racing will have the opportunity to develop their skills and meet other visually-impaired sailors keen to share their enthusiasm for the sport by welcoming and supporting newcomers.

The organizers and sponsors are eager to grow the sport of blind sailing and match racing. We are here and ready to help you come here to compete:

— Difficulty raising the money for entry fees or accommodations? Contact us to see if we can help.

— Not trained to sail using an audio sound system? Contact us. Additional practice days could be arranged.

— Not familiar with match racing? Contact us. Pre-event training could be arranged.

— Not able to get a team of three blind/visually-impaired sailors? Contact us. We may be able to put you in touch with other sailors who can participate.

If you need more information or would like someone to contact you with more details, here are two contacts:

Email Vicki Sheen:

Email Rich Reichelsdorfer:

Sail Sheboygan, Ltd P.O. Box 649 Sheboygan, WI 53082-0649

Register at We look forward to seeing you in September!

Find the 2014 Blind Match Racing Worlds Schedule, NOR and four amendments here:

Plain-text versions of all six documents are included in the above link and in this newsletter under contents (7). ^_top


Blind Match-Racing utilises a set of audible buoys to define the course, and acoustic tack indicators on the boats which change when on port or starboard tack. It may be a bit overwhelming to experience these five unique sounds for the first time in your first race, so it is highly recommended that you practice with some form of acoustic marks before you reach a regatta.

It is not always feasible to acquire a full set of audible marks, or to use these marks in every training session, especially when you just want to try out the system. However, there are some simple, inexpensive alternatives to help you get started.

Smoke Alarms

The humble battery-operated smoke alarm can be quickly converted into an excellent acoustic buoy. The Test button on the alarm can be easily modified to force the alarm to sound continuously until the button is pressed again. There is usually a way to fix the alarm onto a permanent marker buoy and leave it running. The batteries last a surprisingly long time, so you can expect many hours of use out of your new mark.

The Australian Blind Sailing Team trained with a single smoke alarm for two campaigns, until they could acquire a more permanent set of buoys. On the first day of use, the alarm caused considerable confusion among nearby Club racers, as they all heard a mysterious beeping noise as they rounded the last racing mark. No one expects an audible buoy in a club race.

Bells and Whistles

If you don’t have access to a smoke alarm, or have accidentally dropped it in the water as you were trying to affix it to its mark, you could enlist the help of a volunteer to act as your buoy instead. A volunteer in an anchored boat can either blow a whistle, bang a bucket, shout, or create any noise they choose. As long as it is consistent, regular, and reasonably loud.

The same principle can be employed for your opponent boat. If one of the crew could regularly shout “Port” or “Starboard” as the boats draw together, this allows the blind sailors to get used to locating a moving opponent.

Homemade Acoustic Marks

It may be possible to create more permanent and complex acoustic marks and tack indicators if you know an engineer or someone who is good at building electrical devices from scratch. However, this is a time consuming process, and requires a lot of experimentation.


With the addition of a simple acoustic device to your sailing sessions, it is possible for people with vision impairments to sail independently around a course. While these devices are traditionally used in match-racing, they do not need to be limited to this discipline, or even to racing. It is an incredibly empowering experience to be able to navigate around a course and engage with another boat without sighted assistance, as it creates a sense of absolute freedom. If there is any way to incorporate acoustic signals into your sailing, it is definitely worth a try.

Kylie Forth is an Australian blind sailor based in Perth, most recently earning a silver medal in B1 category and the Best Sailor Award at the 2013 Blind Sailing (Fleet) World Championship and International Regatta in Miura, Japan.



Sail Newport is proud to once again host the Blind National Championship regatta.  Competing in Sail Newport’s fleet of J/22s, we are excited for what will be another fantastic event.  For more information on the event or how to get involved, please email the Race Manager: and reference the 2014 Blind Nationals. This year we are excited to welcome Helly Hansen as the official gear sponsor of the Blind Nationals and Sail Newport.

Find the NOR link here:

Find the regatta schedule link here:

Find the online registration link here:

Sail Newport 60 Fort Adams Dr. Newport, RI 02840 Tel. (401) 846-1983 Fax. (401) 846-7245 Email contact:


The Australian Blind Sailing Team is preparing to attend the 2014 IFDS World Blind-Match racing championships. Kylie Forth (Skipper), Ryan Honschooten (Mainsheet), and Erin McGlew (Jib hand) are coming together as a team for the first time in three years, as all other championships have required only two blind sailors. We will be the only team representing Australia at the championships, as we have not managed to connect with enough interested sailors in other states to create a team.

There are still very few active blind sailors in Australia, with the only active team operating out of the Royal Perth Yacht Club in Western Australia. We have gained some interest with a youth sailing program, which ran sporadically throughout the summer, but did not take off due to low attendance rates, and time commitments on our volunteers.

In other states, individual blind sailors are participating in Sailability programs, or sailing their own boats in club events. As there is currently no governing body for blind sailing in Australia, we are relying on word of mouth to recruit more sailors.

We have raised the profile of blind sailing in WA through regular updates of the Australian team’s regatta results in the state Yachting association’s newsletters, and have a strong presence at the Royal Perth Yacht Club through team training and regular participation in Club races. Royal Perth and Sailability WA are major supporters of our team, providing logistical support, equipment and recognition for our team.

We are working on establishing a national blind sailing organisation in the near future to raise awareness for blind sailing, recruit more sailors, and organise events in Australia.



New Zealand Blind Sailing News May 2014

Prepared by Dick Lancaster

What have the Kiwi Blind Sailors been up to last summer?

Our more active Blind Sailors have all reported an enjoyable and busy summer of Sailing at their own local Yacht Clubs around the North Island. Blind Sailing in NZ no longer has the convenience of being centred at Auckland and we are adapting to accommodate this change.

Following the lead of the IFDS and the YNZ Committee for sailors with disabilities, BSNZ is supporting the rapid growth of Disabled Sailing around the country. Four of our top sailors competed at the three day Hansa Class National Champs for disabled sailors at Waitara last summer. It makes good sense to foster this relationship. The popular “Access 303″ ballasted-centreboard, one or two person dinghy, is very suitable for the B1s or trainee with supporting sighted crew, and handles well as a monotype dinghy for the B2 and B3 sailors. More of our sailors are now enjoying the simplicity and satisfaction of competitive solo sailing in Access 303’s. We are considering this Class for our Blind Sailing Nationals which failed to happen last summer. This relationship with Disabled Sailing also offers a clearer training and participation pathway to more blind and Vision impaired persons who may wish to try Sailing as a sport or recreation.


Ben Geddes, B3 Sail Trimmer World Champs, Seabornia 2013.

I have enjoyed a great summer of sailing in the Tauranga YPBC Keelboat fleet-racing Series in the Mastman position on “Whatever”, a Bruce Farr Mumm 36 Design. We took First place over the combined two halves of the summer series.

Also I sailed in the Hansa Class Nationals for Disabled Sailors at Waitara, and sailing in the Access 303 Division I was pleased to find myself 3rd place overall. A great three day experience in grassroots river estuary sailing. Lots learned.

Russell Lowry, B1 Helm World Champs, Seabornia 2013, Perth 2010, Rotorua 2009.

This summer I have been sailing as Forward Hand with Phillip Paterson (my Sighted crewman at the world Champs) in his 470 and together we succeeded in winning the Open Class Cup for the season. We also towed the 470 up for more fun competing at the Waitara Yacht Club regatta. Trapeezing on a 470 is a real challenge for a B1. At the Wanganui Sailing Club prize giving I was elated to received a cup for best crew member.

I have been assisting with the establishment and activities of the Wanganui Sailability Trust, and we are now fundraising to procure Access 303 sailing dinghies.

Tom Donaghy, B2 Sail Trimmer World Champs, Rotorua 2009, Perth 2010.

As a member of the Thames Sailing Club I had a busy year competing in the dinghy summer series at Tararu Bay, and in the Keeler division from Coromandel Harbour.

I sailed my Laser in the open centreboard dinghy summer series competition which featured a small fleet of Lasers with a sprinkling of Frost Ply’s along with a Farr 470 and a hobby cat.

For me as, a VIP B2 classified sailor, competing in a Laser in mainstream sailing, is most definitely challenging for everyone concerned. Identifying the course buoys and lay lines for up wind beats is one of many challenges encountered. 27 sailors in all competed in the summer series of which I was ranked No 6.

The winter Keeler series involved some 10 multi hull and mono hull keelers all competing in the Coromandel Harbour, congested with mussel farms, ferries and fishing boats, and out into the open water of the Hauraki Gulf.

I sailed as regular mains’l Trimmer on “Wright One” a Lotus 950 keelboat, competing in two regional events. In the Gulf Classic 100 miler, we won our Division, and in the Auckland to Tauranga Coastal race we finished third in our Division.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Thames Sailing Club for keeping an eye on me off and on and sometimes in the water.

Dave Allerton, B2 Helm World Champs, Seabornia 2013, Rotorua 2009, Newport 2006.

I have enjoyed much of the summer training in Auckland with the Kiwi Gold disabled Sailing Team in a Sonar for the Rio Paralympics campaign. Competed in the 2014 Sail Auckland regatta with Rick Dodson, securing gold. Helped my home Club, Waitara Sailing Club, organize the 2014 Hansa Class National Championships for Disabled Sailors, then Sailed in this event in the Liberty division against sighted disabled Sailors. Enjoying club sailing in my Laser when the weather allows. Continuing to foster Disabled Sailing in Taranaki, organising a number of well attended sailing days for Sailability Taranaki.”

Tony Holmes, B3 helm World Champs, Seabornia 2013, Lake Garda 2003, Miami 1999.

Being selected to represent Blind Sailing NZ in Japan in 2013 meant a year of bi-monthly weekend training in the J24s from Bucklands Beach yacht club. The sailing regatta in Miura, Japan was an extremely well run event and my B3 Crew with Ben Geddes on mainsheet were fortunate to have a great sighted crew. Our starts were excellent and we won a gold medal.

I then spent the rest of the Winter crewing as mainsheet hand on Chiara, a steel construction 32 foot keelboat, in the Kerikeri Cruising Club Winter Series, Racing on the beautiful Bay of Islands. Over the summer I went fishing almost weekly with 2 mates on each other’s boats.

As I have lost most of my sight recently my own Nova 28 Bilge keeler now has to be sold, Ah well, it’s been a long passion, this sailing”.

Paulien Eitjes, B2 helm, World champs, Rotorua 2009, Perth 2010, Newport 2006.

A busy and enjoyable summer of sailing with the Tauranga YPBC. Helming my recently purchased Elliot 6.5 Trailor Yacht, “Freedom Express”, with a crew of four we competed in the very social Friday Night Series, and the more competitive Women on the Water Series in which we placed second. Then for the Wednesday twilight series I was timekeeper on the Committee boat. Traveled to Taranaki to compete at the Hansa Class nationals in the Access 303 division and scored another second place.

Davy Parker, B2 Sail Trimmer at the World Champs Seabornia 2013,

My Sailing last summer was mostly with Disabled Sailing. Trained several times with the Kiwi Gold Disabled Sailing Team Rick Dodson and Dave Barnes in a sonar as part of their Rio paralympic campaign. Competed in an Access 303 at the Hansa Class national championships for Disabled Sailors at Waitara. Participated in several local Auckland Sailability Club events.

The rest of my time on the water over summer I went fishing with my mates in Blind Fishing.

Dick Lancaster, B1 Sail Trimmer World Champs, Seabornia 2013, Rotorua 2009, Newport 2006, lake Garda 2003.

Last summer I went Trekking. My Trusty horse “Chumley”, has a cool head and good eyesight and together we enjoyed most of my summer recreational time riding Central North island hill country farms and bush land, spotting Deer and enjoying the views with friends. Preparing for these treks, the longest being five days, involved numerous short evening training rides around neighbouring farms.

Tuesday, September 9
{0900-1700} REGISTRATION OPEN Race Office
{0930-1130} CELEBRITY BLIND MATCH RACE Youth Sailing Docks
{1000-1800} OPHTHALMOLOGICAL EXAMS Race Office
{1200-1700} PRACTICE RACE Racing Area
{1800-1830} OFFICIALS BRIEFING Sheboygan Yacht Club
{1830} OPENING CEREMONIES Sheboygan Yacht Club
{1900} DINNER – Sponsored by Bemis Manufacturing Sheboygan Yacht Club
Wednesday, September 10
{0800} BREAKFAST – Provided by The Lions Club Sheboygan Yacht Club
{1000-1700} RACING BEGINS – Spectator Tent open, sponsored by Bemis Manufacturing Racing Area
Thursday, September 11
{0800} BREAKFAST – Provided by The Lions Club Sheboygan Yacht Club
{1000-1700} RACING BEGINS – Spectator Tent open, sponsored by Bemis Manufacturing Racing Area
Friday, September 12
{0800} BREAKFAST – Provided by The Lions Club Sheboygan Yacht Club
{1000-1700} RACING BEGINS – Spectator Tent open, sponsored by Bemis Manufacturing Racing Area
{1800-1900} {1900-2100} CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION & DINNER Blind Horse Restaurant
Saturday, September 13
{0800} BREAKFAST – Provided by The Lions Club Sheboygan Yacht Club
{1000-1700} RACING BEGINS – Spectator Tent open, sponsored by Bemis Manufacturing Racing Area
(1000-2200} BLIND MATCH RACING WORLDS CELEBRATION – Food & spectator tent open – Bonfire – Fireworks Blue Harbor
Sunday, September 14
{0800} BREAKFAST – Provided by The Lions Club Sheboygan Yacht Club
{1000-1700} RACING BEGINS – Spectator Tent open, sponsored by Bemis Manufacturing Racing Area
{end or racing} CLOSING CEREMONIES & AWARDS PRESENTATION – Trophies provided by Vollrath Co. Sheboygan Yacht Club




Boston’s SailBlind program, while still part of the Carroll Center for the Blind’s outdoor enrichment program, now has a volunteer executive director, Nancy Jodoin. She is an active participant in SailBlind’s competitive sailing program in J-22s at Courageous Sailing Center in Charlestown, and has sailed in numerous local and national regattas, plus the Blind World Championships in 2009 at Rotorua, New Zealand, and in 2013 at Miura, Japan. Her recent initiatives include expanding the Saturday recreational sailing program to introduce more blind and visually-impaired persons to sailing, and helping to secure the gift of a J-24 for the program to use for intermediate sailing instruction and racing practice.

Six SailBlind members participated in the sixth annual Robie Pierce Regatta for adaptive sailing in Larchmont, NY May 29 – June 1. A total of 19 three-person crews with a mix of adaptive needs competed in modified Ideal 18 one-designs. Representing SailBlind were Glenn Boivin, Amy Bower, Matt Chao, Duane Farrar, Kay Van Valkenburgh and Charlie Zechel.

Long-time SailBlind sighted guide Bill Rapp helped bring a group of undergraduate engineering students from Olin College of Engineering, along with their professor, Alexander Morrow, to the SailBlind program for a summer internship project to explore how new technologies might be used to assist blind and visually-impaired sailors to sail independently without direct assistance from sighted guides or other external systems. After a summer of observation, experimentation, trial and some error, they produced a first prototype by the end of the summer and are looking ahead to further refinement.

SailBlind teams are tuning up for the 2014 Blind Sailing Nationals in Newport, RI in early September. There is also a Homerus system located in New England for training use prior to the 2014 Blind Match Racing Worlds in Sheboygan, WI. ^_top



Listing by day; within day, by event start time, event description and location


Bemis Manufacturing

Blue Harbor Lakeside Resort and Spa Lions International


Sail Sheboygan – US Sailing Center

SEAS (Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan)

Sheboygan Yacht Club


ITEM 2 – Notice of Race (NOR) IFDS Disabled Sailing World 2014 Blind Match Racing

Category 1 & 2 Open Championships

SHEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN USA, September 9-14, 2014



The Organising Authority (OA) will be Sail Sheboygan in conjunction with the International Association for Disabled Sailing (IFDS).


The venue will be Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA.


3.1 The event has applied for IFDS MR Grade 1 event, as the Appendix to the IFDS Rules of Race Management for Blind and Vision Impaired Sailing. This grading is subject to review by the IFDS. The event may be re-graded when there is clear reason to do so.

3.2 The event has applied for ISAF Grade 3. This grading is subject to review by the ISAF. The event may be re-graded when there is clear reason to do so.


4.1 Schedule

(a) Race office will open September 9 at 1000.

(b) Registration will take place September 9 from 1000 until 1700.

(c) Opthalmological examinations will take place September 9 from 1000 until 1800 pm.

(d) Practice will take place September 9 from 1200 until 1700.

(e) First briefing September 9 at 1800.

(f) First meeting with umpires follows the first briefing.

(g) Opening Ceremony on September 9 at 1830

(h) Racing days from September 10 until September 14.

(i) Time of the first race each day will be 1000

(j) Prize giving on September 14 at soon as possible after the last race.

4.2 Unless excused by the OA, attendance at the following is mandatory:

(a) Initial briefing;

(b) Daily briefing;

(c) Prize giving.


(a) The regatta is limited to not more than 12 teams per each one of the Categories 1 and 2.

(b) The regatta is limited to two Teams from each Nation in each one of the Categories 1 and 2. The Hosting nation may enter additional teams per Category, provided that the total number of teams per State do not exceed 3.

(c) A team shall conform the requirement of Appendix to RMM 3.4(a).

(d) All competitors:

1. shall be IBSA classified, provable by Blindness Grading Form completed and signed by an accredited Ophthalmologist issued not before 07-03-2014;

2. Competitors classified B2 or B3 are allowed to compete in a lower Category, provided that they are bound to compete with one or both eyes blindfolded, in order to be reclassified in the lower Category. A downgraded competitor can compete only as crew;

3. shall meet the eligibility requirements of ISAF regulation 19.2;

4. shall be affiliated to an ISAF and IFDS Recognized National Authority;

5. shall have an ISAF Sailor ID code;

6. shall be at least sixteen years old at the date of the first race.

(e) Any competitor (skipper and crew) must be a national of the Country of the Member National Authority which she/he represents. On application the IFDS Technical Committee, in lieu of ISAF Executive Committee, may give exemptions to 24.5 as by ISAF Regulation 24.5.4. The Regulation 24.5 does not apply to crew substitutes.

(f) The registered skipper shall helm the boat at all times while racing, except in an emergency.

(g) To remain eligible a team shall confirm acceptance of the invitation in writing, (fax or e-mail is acceptable) to be received by the date specified on the letter of invitation.


6.1 Entering

(a) The team shall be entered on completion of registration, opthalmological examination, crew weighting and the payment of all fees and deposits. All payments shall be made by credit card/local currency/cheque.

(b) A valid ophthalmological certificate for each one competitor shall be produced at the time of registration.

(c) Registration and online payment can be made on the event website located at

6.2 Entry Fee

A non-refundable entry fee of $US1000.00 shall be paid by August 1st at 1200. A late payment of the entry fee will be accepted by the discretion of the OA and after payment of an additional fee of $US 200.00.

6.4 Damage deposit

(a) An initial damage deposit of $US 500.00 shall be paid at registration, unless extended by the OA. This deposit is the maximum payable by the skipper as a result of any one incident.

(b) If a deduction from the damage deposit is decided by the OA, it may require that the deposit be restored to its original amount before the skipper will be permitted to continue in the event.

(c) Any remaining deposit after the event will be refunded within 10 days after the event.

7 RULES 7.1

{a) The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the RRS, including Appendix CBS and IFDS Race Management Manual, including the Appendix for Blind and Vision Impaired Sailing (Part 4 of the IFDS Race Management Manual).

(b) Class rules will not apply.

7.2 An International Jury (IJ) will be appointed, in accordance with RRS Appendix N.

7.3 Changes to Appendix CBS:

(a) change the third sentence to preamble to: “Matches shall be umpired and observer(s) on board of rib(s) shall be provided for safety service and information to umpires while racing.”

(b) Rule CBS 5.8(a)(f) do not apply.

7.4 International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Medical and Protest Procedures will be adopted for this event with the following changes:

(a) Classifiers are not required to be accredited IBSA International Classifiers.

(b) Classifiers may classify a competitor from their own country.

(c) IFDS shall approve the classifiers and other classification officials.


8.1 The event will be sailed in Sonar Class boats.

8.2 Equalized boats will be provided by the OA.

8.3 The following sails will be provided for each boat: (a) Mainsail, (b) Jib.

8.4 The following equipment will be provided for each boat:

(a) A tack sounding device;

(b) Two radio transceivers, one tuned on the Umpires and RC channel and one tuned on Observer(s) channel.

8.5 Boats will be allocated by draw, either daily or for each round as decided by the Race Committee.

8.6 Optional personal devices that can be used while racing:

(a) One or more timing devices, temporarily fixed to the boat or dressed by any crew;

(b) a compass temporarily fixed to the boat. Any electronic compass used shall only be capable of correlating data relating to the magnetic north and the boat’s heading, except that it may also incorporate an electronic timing device. Any optional personal device shall not broadcast sounds or signals or information that can be heard by another boat and that can create background noise and/or give confusing information.


9.1 The number of crew (including the skipper) shall be three. All registered crew shall sail all races.

9.2 All competitors may be subject to ophthalmological examinations at any time during the event. Competitors shall cooperate with the classification staff as requested.

9.3 When a registered skipper is unable to continue in the event the IJ may authorise an original crew member to substitute.

9.4 When a registered crew member is unable to continue in the event the IJ may authorise a substitute, a temporary substitute or other adjustment.


10.1 The event will consist of the following stages for each one of the Categories 1 and 2: Stage 1 – Preliminary: a double round robin Stage 2 – Semi Final and Final: a knock out series, first to score 3 points

10.2 Only one match per flight will be sailed.

10.3 The OA may change the format, terminate or eliminate any round, when conditions or the remaining time scheduled do not permit the completion of the intended format.


11.1 The course will be windward/leeward with starboard rounding, finishing downwind.

11.2 The intended course area, see Addendum A.


12.1 As boats and equipment will be supplied by the Organising Authority, ISAF regulation 20.4 applies. Each boat will be required to display advertising as supplied by the OA.

12.2 Boats shall not be permitted the right to protest for breaches of any rules regarding advertising (amends RRS 60.1).


13.1 The winning team in each Category will awarded with the Title of World BMR Champion.

13.2 Additional prices will be awarded at discretion of the OA. 14 MEDIA, IMAGES AND SOUND

14.1 If required by the OA: Television personnel and equipment (or dummies) supplied by the OA shall be carried on board while racing.

14.2 Competitors shall not interfere with the normal working of the OA supplied media equipment.

14.3 The OA have the right to use any images and sound recorded during the event free of any charge.


15.1 Coach boats shall conspicuously display identification of the team being coached. A coach boat is any boat that is under the direction or control of a person gathering information or giving material support for the benefit of particular competitors either on the water or off.

15.2 Any interference by a coach boat with the racing or event organisation may result in a penalty applied to the appropriate skipper or team, at the discretion of the IJ/Protest Committee.

16 OTHER REQUIREMENTS #16.1 Each team is requested to provide a national flag approximately 40 x 70 cm for display from the stern of the boat.

16.2 [blank]

17 DISCLAIMER All those taking part in the event do so at their own risk. See Rule 4, Decision to Race. The OA, its associates and appointees accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience incurred, howsoever caused.


Entries will only be accepted from invited skippers. If you wish to be invited please register your request for an invitation as soon as possible with the OA by completing the attached form.


Sail Sheboygan PO Box 649 Sheboygan, WI 53082-0649 Website

Sheboygan Yacht Club (Host Club)

214 Pennsylvania Avenue Sheboygan, WI 53081 Phone 01 920-458-6601 Website

Event Manager: Richard Reichelsdorfer


Mobile Phone 01 920-889-0758

Date of Issue: Date 2/4/14

Notice of Race version number: 1-3


Add to the Notice of Race:


19.1 During the period of the BMR Worlds, which starts on 9 September 2014 and ends on 14 September 2014, the ISAF Anti-Doping Code (ISAF Regulations 21) will apply.

More Anti Doping information can be found at under Documents and Rules. Click on the box Regulations and Constitution.

Published: April 10, 2014 Rich Reichelsdorfer PRO



Delete from the Notice of Race:

8.6 (b) a compass temporarily fixed to the boat. Any electronic compass used shall only be capable of correlating data relating to the magnetic north and the boat’s heading, except that it may also incorporate an electronic timing device.

Published: April 10, 2014 Rich Reichelsdorfer PRO



Change of the Notice of Race:

5 (c) is changed as follows – Add to 5 (c):

The requirment of RMM 3.4 (a) is changed into: in the three person keelboat match racing events the crew shall be comprised of a helmsperson who is IBSA classified Bl and two other crew either male or female or both. The cumulative total points shall not exceed:

i) 3 points on category 1 races:

ii) 6 points on category 2 races.

Change of the Notice of Race: 5 {d) 1 is changed as follows – 5 (d) 1: shall be eligible after presenting to the Event Classification Panel with IFDS Vision Test Form {or equivalent document) filled out by a registered ophthalmologist not earlier than September 9th 2013.

Vision impaired athletes that are already registered on the IFDS International Classification Master List 2013-2016 with C Status do not require Classification at the event. IFDS Vision Test Form can be downloaded here:

Change of the Notice of Race:

5 (e) is changed as follows – 5 (e) is deleted and replaced by: 5 (e) The helmsperson nationality dictates the country the boat sails under. All crewmembers shall be affiliated to an ISAF and IFDS recognized National Authority. All crewmembers shall have a ISAF Sailor ID number. All crew members shall meet te eligibility requirments of ISAF Regulation 19.2

Published: July 7, 2014 Rich Reichelsdorfer PRO



Change of the Notice of Race:

6.2 Entry Fee is changed as follows – Delete 6.2 and replace with:

6.2 Entry Fee A non-refundable entry fee of USD $1000.00 shall be paid by September 5, 2014 at 2400 UTC (1900 CDT local time)

Published: August 1, 2014 Rich Reichelsdorfer PRO ^_top



This newsletter is produced by Blind Sailing International, an independant global sailing association:

Please forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested in learning more about blind sailing, or who might know someone who is vision-impaired. Blind sailing offers a unique opportunity for both sighted and visually-impaired persons to collaborate and share the joy, freedom and excitement of sailing.

To contact Blind Sailing International, use this link:

or Email Vicki Sheen

To subscribe, use this link: subscribe

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